1、Multi-point supports to connect 2 mobile phones at the same time
      2、Built-in mic for calling
      3、Low power consumption, working time up to 10 hours
      4、Support 3.5mm audio line-in
      5、Compatible with most smart bluetooth devices
      1. bluetooth version: V4.1 + EDR,with voice prompt,Support Hands free.
      2. support agreement: HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
      3 .support 3.5mm line in jack allows headset to work without battery.
      4. range: more than 10 meters
      5. Working time : up to 10 hours
      6. standby time: 200 hours
      7. charging voltage: DC5V / 500 ma
      8. the charging port: Micro USB
      9. charging time: 2.5 hours
      10. trumpet diameter: 30 mm,Loudspeaker Impedance: 32 ohm.
      11. built-in microphone, support of digital signal processing echo cancellation technology
      12. Power display,support iPhone, millet, and all the android mobile phones (cell phone need install app application software ).
      13. this model  is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPod, HTC, Samsung, LG all mobile phones, tablets, laptops and so on audio output interface of the device.
      14. different color option: Black  /  White  / Blue / Pink.
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